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EV motor stator core
Micro motor core
Stator core and assembly of automobile generator
Automobile starting motor casing and assembly
Stator core of washing machine motor
Electric bicycle motor stator core and assembly
Stator and rotor iron core of electric tool motor
Stator and rotor assembly of ice compressor
Stator core of driving motor of new energy vehicle
Rotor core of driving motor of new energy vehicle
Stator assembly of driving motor of new energy vehicle
Permanent magnet synchronous rotor assembly of driving motor of new energy vehicle
Induction asynchronous rotor assembly of driving motor of new energy vehicle
Stator core of automobile generator
Round wire stator assembly of automobile generator
Flat wire stator assembly of automobile generator
Stator core
Stator assembly
Elevator traction machine iron core
Automobile micro motor iron core
Electric tool motor core
Elevator traction machine stator core and assembly
Elevator traction machine assembly
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The semi annual operation and management meeting of Changying credit quality can be held successfully in the future!
Changying credit quality was honored in the "top 100 list of high quality development of Listed Companies in Zhejiang in 2020"
Senior executives of Nanyue fund and China Second Metallurgical Group visited Changying Information Technology Co., Ltd
Recalling the past eventful years and forging ahead with the original heart -- Changying Xinzhi held a strategic planning seminar
Changyingxin quality won the "2020 flat wire motor supplier Contribution Award"
Changying credit quality: training for improving the management ability of middle and grass-roots cadres_ en
At 2021cwieme Shanghai International coil exhibition, Changying Xinzhi will be with you
The special supervision team of the provincial Party Committee on "industrial reform" came to Changying credit quality research on "industrial reform"
Changying credit quality carries out safety production knowledge competition
Stick to the bottom line and don't cross the red line | Changying credit quality and carry out special training on integrity education
Changying credit quality's "implementing full score management and creating value" score award activity came to a successful conclusion
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