Changying Xinzhi
Changying Xinzhi
The special supervision team of the provincial Party Committee on "industrial reform" came to Changying credit quality research on "industrial reform"

      On June 9, Zhang zhaodu, member of the Party group and vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, led the special supervision team of the provincial Party Committee on "industrial reform" to visit Changying credit quality to investigate the implementation of industrial reform. Zhou xianmiao, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and chairman of the Federation of trade unions, Shi Huaxing, Secretary of the Party group and executive vice chairman of the Federation of trade unions, and other relevant municipal and district leaders and members of the Changying credit quality "industrial reform" leading group accompanied the investigation.


     Vice Chairman Zhang zhaodu and his delegation visited Changying credit quality R & D center, skill master studio, product exhibition hall, Party Construction Exhibition Hall, model worker and craftsman exhibition hall, and had a cordial conversation with the members of the "industrial reform" leading group to learn more about the "industrial reform" work of Changying credit quality.


     Subsequently, vice chairman Zhang zhaodu organized relevant personnel of the three-level "industrial reform" work coordination group of urban enterprises to hold a symposium and listened to the work report of Jiaojiang District on promoting the construction and reform of industrial workers in the new era and highlighting the construction of "four plus four senses" industrial workers in Changying credit quality.


Yang liming, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress and chairman of the District Federation of trade unions, made a work report on "industrial reform" from two aspects of characteristic work and specific work:

Characteristic work

1. There are many provincial and municipal initiatives

2. More typical speeches

3. There are many instructions from leaders

4. More honors

concrete work


Strengthen organizational leadership and uphold the party's leadership throughout

First, adhere to high-level overall promotion;

Second, adhere to the guidance of Party construction;

Third, adhere to the model worker demonstration drive;

Fourth, adhere to the pilot first.


Build a development platform and persist in guiding employees to make contributions throughout

First, carry out in-depth labor and skill competitions;

Second, strengthen the construction of employment service system;

Third, guide employees to actively innovate.


Implement education and training, and adhere to the improvement of skills and quality throughout

First, the cultivation of talents with innovative skills;

Second, improve the skill evaluation system;

Third, strengthen the guarantee of education and training.


Protect the rights and interests of employees and adhere to the concept of "workers first" throughout

First, guarantee the status of master and improve the employees' sense of identity;

Second, pay attention to caring and helping to improve employees' sense of gain;

Third, smooth development channels and improve employees' sense of achievement.


Open up online channels, adhere to the "Internet plus production change" thinking throughout

First, strengthen the online ideological guidance of industrial workers;

Second, give full play to the role of online classroom and other learning platforms;

Third, strengthen the construction of industrial workers' network service platform;

Fourth, use digitization to promote "production reform".

Work report on "four plus four senses" and "production reform" of Changying credit quality:

1. Strengthen the ideological and political construction of industrial workers to make industrial workers have a greater sense of mission

First, strengthen ideological and political construction;

Second, carry out the work of promoting excellent industrial workers to join the party;

Third, display the vanguard post of Party members.

2. Strengthen the planning of industrial workers' growth system to make industrial workers feel more successful

First, find talents in the competition;

Second, encourage talents in innovation.

三It is to stimulate talent growth with personal patents.

3. Strengthen the improvement of industrial workers' skills and quality to make industrial workers have a greater sense of identity

First, strengthen school enterprise cooperation;

Second, carry out vocational skills training, safety education and training;

Third, improve the academic education and training system and vocational skill appraisal system;

Fourth, build an innovation platform for highly skilled talents;

Fifth, carry out the activities of teaching craftsmen and leading experts by famous teachers;

Sixth, implement the management of employee points system.

4.Strengthen the support of service guarantee for industrial workers to make industrial workers have a more sense of belonging

First, set up a number of canteens to meet the dining needs of workers in different industries, and build a shared kitchen to meet the personalized needs of industrial workers;

Second, build all kinds of entertainment places and hold entertainment activities regularly to enrich the amateur cultural life of industrial workers;

Third, build a high standard industrial workers' accommodation building, fully realize double rooms for industrial workers, and be equipped with complete living facilities;

Fourth, carry out "warm return" activities every year;

Fifth, carry out the activity of sending cool in summer and warm in winter every year;

Sixth, solve the problem of schooling for children of industrial workers;

Seventh, help workers in difficult industries



      Vice Chairman Zhang zhaodu fully affirmed the efforts and achievements made by Jiaojiang District and Changying credit quality for the "industrial reform", conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on many problems and difficulties faced by the "industrial reform" and next work ideas, and put forward relevant suggestions.

      下阶段,Changying Xinzhi will drive the company's industrial workers to continue adhering to the business philosophy of "treating people with integrity and winning with quality", embrace the idea of "taking industrial workers as the core", adhere to people-oriented, rely on industrial workers to run enterprises wholeheartedly, and attract the majority of industrial workers to inject new vitality and vitality into the company. And take the "14th five year plan" as an opportunity to carry out the reform of industrial workers more widely, deeply and solidly, promote it to achieve greater results, and provide a powerful engine for promoting the high-quality development of local economy.