Changying Xinzhi
Changying Xinzhi
Recalling the past eventful years and forging ahead with the original heart -- Changying Xinzhi held a strategic planning seminar

In July 2021, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, Changying Xinzhi Technology Co., Ltd. organized the company's senior management team to Zunyi, Guizhou, the revolutionary holy land, and held the Changying Xinzhi strategic planning seminar and Zunyi mobilization meeting. At the meeting, the company's management team, adhering to the conference spirit of "independence and seeking truth from facts" of Zunyi Meeting, brainstormed and analyzed objectively in the spirit of independent thinking and seeking truth from facts, so as to discuss the overall plan of enterprise development and seek good strategies for enterprise development.

General manager Xu Zhenghui advocates that all managers should never forget the original intention of enterprise entrepreneurship, keep in mind the enterprise development mission, and adhere to the work style of "reflection, responsibility, responsibility and enterprising". By reviewing the development process of credit quality in the past 30 years, the report guides everyone to think about the current situation and gap of sustainable development of credit quality, be prepared in times of peace, take customers as the center, technology as the center, talent innovation as the driving force, and value creation as the yardstick, constantly activate organizations and individuals, and jointly open a new journey of credit quality and move towards credit quality 3.0!

At the meeting, chairman Yin Wei asked all credit quality personnel to firmly seize the opportunity of industrial transformation and upgrading, concentrate the company's advantageous forces, vigorously develop new technologies and products in the field of new energy, and continue to build the core competitiveness of Changying credit quality in the field of new energy products!

Through this meeting, we look forward to the future of credit quality development. As long as all "credit quality people" work together, shoulder the burden bravely, cooperate sincerely, learn and practice together, the future of credit quality will be more beautiful and brilliant, and the life of credit quality people will be more beautiful and happy!